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Published by 2022-11-01

"You are a very big help, I appreciate that you are always very quick to respond. Your service is fantastic " said by one of my French clients-- Lafoai.

We know each other by TradeManager. At that time, she is looking for a luxury box to pack the perfume box and has her own design.

I just told her, we are the professional manufactory of paper products and specialize in this field for 12 years. We can make them according to her draft, and will try our best to make the sample perfect.
When I got the file, it is very nice and innovative, in my heart, I told myself, we must help her do a real box, so everyone can see, can touch, will know how beautiful the design would be.

I have discussed with our engineers about this project and they have offered me many professional advice.

I have collected all the information and make a detailed file to her, she readily accepted our suggestions.

Although in the process of making perfume box samples, we encountered many difficulties, and our engineers often work-ed overtime late into the night...and I was very worried that we would not send to her on time...but she always told me "don't worry, relax, we need the right box with good quality"

When she got the sample, placed the order to us directly, there were a lot of new projects that were charged by me until now.



Sunshine, you are such great person to work with, thank you Sunshine. Oh that would be lovely to meet you, hopefully we'll come out to China some day. You are pleasure to work with, like wise if you ever come to Paris let us know, we'll be happy to meet you.- Lafoai
They look great!!! Just need to get them urgent, I love them.-Elias
Thank you for all your hard work. If you ever come to French let me know. -Annamaria
In my heart, they are not my clients, they are my friends.
Thanks so much for your trust in me.

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