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Tissot Watch Accessary Box Is Our Production

Published by 2022-11-01

On April 16th, the day is so specially, just in this company a month received a big enquiry ~ very excited! Not only the order is big enough, the most main is a big brand. Oh My God! The tissot watch packaging box. I thought must win this order.

From the first enquiry to confirm the proofing about two months, At June 1, customers identify make sample and next production more goods; The early stage of the communication are all very happy, the customer satisfied with our professional services; Guests have identified to the detailed design documents, proofing details very quickly!

But the most main problem appeared. As a result of "Tissot" is a brand logo and need to provide the logo authorization that we can take the next step the proofing process. Due to time rush at that time, the guest apply for the head office needs some time, but proofing time need five days; We make samples firstly with guests agreed, but send us samples must provide authorization to our company.

Tissot Watch Packaging box

Time went by, the samples we have done, within five days to do the sample cannot be sent out as scheduled, the guests need the sample urgent and authorization letter of brand products slow. But According to provisions of company brand products need to be authorized by the company that we can give sample to the customer, this is not our intentionally difficult guests, only in order to better protect the brand and customer.

 Due to project progress so speed that all products have been settled only packing box, guests very worried. With companies reflect the situation, arrange to do a printed non-logo of the packaging to the customer confirm the structure first, then the headquarters of the logo authorization letter, the sample of the printed logo can finally send to the guest, customer very pleased with the quality of our products after receipt of the samples, less than a week after order confirmed.

Customer said that, although the authorization problem of communication almost unpleasant, but he can understand us, if we didn't insist to authorization to him, at the back of the big goods customers also dare not in our production. Each order can have twists and turns, but as long as the intention to treat, want to customers think, urgent customer urgent, will have good returns.


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