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Company engaged in manual packing box and related products production and sales, is China's fastest service manual paper products packaging manufacturers.The main products include gift boxes, electronic products packaging box, cosmetic box, wine box, cake box, jewelry box, tea box, paper bags, paper hangers and other products.The proportion is as follows:

2. Product classification in detail
(1) Food Packaging: Cake Box, Pizza Box, Favor Boxes, Chocolate Box, Wine Box, Candy Box, Popcorn Boxes, Cookie Boxes, Bakery Boxes, Tea Box, Macaron Boxes, Hamper Boxes, Pie Boxes, Truffle Boxes, Baking Box
(2) Gift Boxes: Wedding Box, Christmas Box, Invitation Box, Presentation Boxes, Birthday Box, Flower Packaging, Pen Box, Party Box, Christening Boxes
(3)Beauty Box: Cosmetic Packaging, Perfume Box, Hair Box, Eyelash Packaging
(4) Clothing box: Hat Boxes, Dress Box, Cufflink Box, Tie Box, T-Shirt Packaging, Shirt Boxes, Scarf Box;
(5) Jewelry Box: Ring Box, Necklace Box, Earring Box, Bracelet Box
(6) Electronic Packaging: Cd Box & Dvd Box, Phone Box
(7) Packaging Boxes: Shoe Box, Watch Box, Book Box, Photography Packaging, Soap Packaging, Archival Boxes, Candle Packaging, File Box, Mug Boxes, Cigarette Boxes, Cigar Box
(8) Paper Box: Cardboard Boxes, Card Box, Pillow Box, Tube Box, Round Box, Folding Box, Drawer Boxes, Suitcase Box, Window Boxes
(9) Shipping Boxes
(10) Corrugated Box

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