Company Advantage

Company Advantage

1.Product advantage
(1) 2200 boxes and related samples, 11000 kinds of raw materials for you to choose, more than 80% of products exported, customers in 47 industry, 61 countries and regions;

Gift Boxes Factory Sample Room

Gift Boxes Factory Sample Room

(2) raw material use recyclable, environmentally friendly materials, and by the FSC certification;

(3) the raw material quality is stable and reliable: most by working with our company for more than 10 years of 20 suppliers;
(4) the products passed EN71-13 Migration of 19 Elements, EN71 - guiltless, 05 / A1:2007;EN71-10 and 11:05 Cl. 4.3.2, Formaldehyde (EN 645 and 1541) and Pentachlorophenol (PCP), Tetrachlorophenol (TeCP) and Trichlorophenol (TriCP) eu certification;
(5) the national environmental protection certification signs: South Korea Japanese ecological mark certification, environmental certification, the Nordic swan certification, environmental certification, the European Union, Canada flower logo certification, Thailand environmental protection logo certification, the United States environmental protection logo certification, Germany bule certification, south Korean environmental protection logo certification, certification of Chinese environment mark

(6) 18 quality checking: paper, material, printing, screen printing, flocking , embossing quality, hot stamping, hit convex, indented,  Die Cut, UV, glue, to the quality of paper mounted, finished product , packing bags, truck loading inspection;

(7) the company has passed ISO90001:2008 quality management system certification, Germany and China certification, is member of alibaba 6 annuity product sincere enterprise, integrity, 7 years gold supplier members.

she NZ is very TI press paper products co.,Ltd. qualification


(8) in 2014, my company for appearance design patent certificate


2. Service advantages

Pre - sales

(1) product prices are lower than those of traders: adopts procurement integration method, dozens of centralized purchasing, centralized production orders for customers, lower prices;
(2) lower transport costs: a large number of transport order, transport it from forwarder in order to get a lower price;
Higher efficiency 

(3) Higher efficiency: 2200 kinds of products,11000 raw materials database, can find similar products and raw materials within 30 seconds, meet the customers' personalized needs;
(4) more efficient communication: our salesman can through QQ, chat tools such as customer service system, E-mail and other communications tools to provide you with better communication and customer service;
(5) a strong technical team good at complex manual box;
(6) in ten minutes to determine freight information: packing materials, shipping, airfreight, land transportation logistics cost;
(7) All landowners smaller minimum quantity: 500.


(1) rapid proofing: 24 hours to pay the sample fastest ordinary products;
(2) quick delivery: ordinary products 96 hours fastest delivery;
(3) the production process will broadcast live: professional photographic equipment;
(4) safe and reliable storage management: smokeless workshop, perfect fire control facilities;
(5). Cargo transport security:
    A.K = A carton shipment,
    B. each carton set a environmental protection PP bag,
    C. each carton the upper pad a carton,
    D. gross weight not more than 15 kg, each side length less than 60 cm,
    E. i-section packaging packaging,
    F. no nails packaging;
(6). Quick delivery: to determine the freight information quickly, and delivery or help customers to find reliable forwarder to arrange shipment.


(1) customers pay a return visit, the independent along after-sales department is responsible for the goods sent to follow;
(2) quick response: after-sales problem, 12 hours response;
(3) defects treatment: factory strong technical force in a timely manner to solve the quality problem of the product.

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