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How to start business with Ferrari?

Published by 2022-11-07

How to start business with Ferrari?


Ferrari is an Italian sports car manufacturer and the world's second largest sports car brand, second only to Porsche. It mainly manufactures Formula One racing cars and high-performance sports cars.

Feb.Mr Fino is trader that help Ferrari to sourcing kinds of products, like their car model, acrylic box and gift box.Our relationship with Mr Fino was from 28th


It was a sunny afternoon,Mr Fino visit our website and send us message if the brands on website we really worked,we say yes and send him bulk order pictures,he believes.

After that,fino send us the gift box ideas and documents.our packaging box used to pack a car model that into a acrylic box.also another acrylic also consider to put photo frame.when details confirmed,we started first round of sample box.

It takes some time to source the same texture paper but finally fino got first sample box and satisfied with quality and handwork.he said compare to box made in zhejiang,our sample box focus more on details that make box looks premium.


Fino take sample box talked with Ferrari and box have changes on paper material type,box style and photo frame postion.after that,we moved forward to second and third round sample box.


Finally,the third round sample box is perfect and work very good for ferrari car model then fino place order with us.


When mass production finished,fino with his assistant came to our factory and do inspection for box,finally box details is very good.just some defects on the velet insert,our factory change the velet material right now and remake the insert for box again.then fino came to do the second inspection,everything is perfect this time and shippment ready to ship.


After shippment,this project finished good and we are keeping good relationship from there.

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