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We do packaging for GROHE

Published by 2022-11-07

As a global supplier of overall bathroom solutions and kitchen products, GROHE is committed to providing innovative water life products.our packaging is ralted to their bathroom products.

We met Mr Klaus at 29th,December.Klaus own a company that sourcing gift items to their customers,include the outer packaging box.he found us on alibaba and send us an box inquiry also send some of their current packaging pictures.



Box style is interesting just box material looks not so rigid.when we talked with Klaus about details,we recommend more rigid cardboard material,which is good for shipping and customer experience.our communication with klaus is very happy,after we send prices to klaus,he is very happy to pay us sample cost.


In order to make insert die cut suitable for products,Klaus also send us samples of inside item.



After details confirmed,our factory started to do sample box work and try to ship sample box out as soon.finally it was finished in one week as we recommend and ship to Klaus.

Klaus and Grohe all are happy with samples,just some details need to do some adjustments.


In order to save sample cost,we asked Klaus to place box order and we will make a free pre-production sample to confirm with mass production.he is willing to do it as our proposal and make payment to us the same day.


Second sample need the lid to be hold on not fall down when opened and it is succeed on our samples.then secound sample box is confirmed and go to mass production.


During mass production,Klaus arranged factory inspection first and when bulk order finished,there also arranged inspection for bulk order box.all them pasted finally.


After that,once Klaus have any packaging projects,he will ask help from us and we are keep working.

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