Sizes of Boxes on Different Products

Published by Carlson Lau 2016-08-30

Due to a variety of products, product size is different also. The size of the box is normally
decided by product size, so packing box dimensions are different in daily lives.


1. The wig box size

Hair extension boxThe love for beauty is a nature of all human beings. Wig can let's change model, it is often need to use hair products in daily life.
Hair extension box is various, mainly are the book box type, drawer box, card box, etc., follow up customer's budget to customize different types of packaging.
Wig box standard size is 11.4”x8.3”x2.8”, "of course there are other dimensions such as:" 8 "x6.9 x2.6" specific size can be adjusted according to the requirements.




2. The hat box dimension

hat boxReferred to the hat box we mean packing box of baseball cap, currently on the market demand for this kind of packing box.
Baseball hat box standard size is 7.87"x7.87"x4.72", and this kind of packaging we usually advice customer to make folding box, save freight cost, convenient storage.








3. The circular flower box dimension

Currently on the market have two kinds of design flower boxes, one is circular flower box, the other is a long folding box.
Round flower box type is many, but are within a certain range.
Circular flower box of between 20 and 25 cm in diameter, and generally is 20 cm, 21 cm and 25 cm. The height of majority is 15 cm, 20 cm and 25 cm and 26 cm.

Round flower box

Depending on the number of flowers, flower shipping boxes size is different also. for example 900 x350x130mm, 900 x240x100mm, 900 x130x100mm. There are many other dimensions.

flower shipping boxes

flower shipping boxes


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