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The Market for Cosmetic Packaging Box

Published by Carlson Lau 2016-12-16

With the development of the society, I think the cosmetic because very popular, so, the cosmetic box printing box sales well, so, I want to introduce the cosmetic boxes

One: The boxes type

Our company customized the cosmetic packing box for our customer, so, we can customized all kind of the boxes for our customer, just like the lid and the base boxes and the book shape boxes, this is popular boxes, the lid and the base boxes is cheaper than the book shape boxes, the book shape boxes, it have the magnet and the cardboard we need to use of more than the lid and the base boxes, so, some people want to buy the cheaper boxes, they will choose the lid and the base boxes instead of the book shape boxes


Two: the handwork

You can see the boxes, this is the cosmetic boxes, the lid and the base boxes, it divided the lid boxes and the base boxes, we will do the lid boxes and do the base boxes, the lid boxes is length then base boxes, then when we closed, the boxes is already, but some people will like to use of the neck, the neck will make the boxes beautiful


Three: the book shape boxes

You can see this boxes, this is the book shape boxes, we will do the outside boxes and do the inner boxes, we use of the blue to stick in the boxes, making the inner boxes put in the outside boxes, it is ok, some people will choose the magnet, but a lot of people will choose the ribbon handle, they use of the ribbon handle stick in the boxes not use of the magnet, it will make the boxes beautiful, but the cost will higher than the magnetic paper boxes.

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