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Do You Know Hello Kitty Packaging Box?

Published by jack 2014-12-01



Hello Kitty was born in 1974, the famous Japanese cartoon of stars. She is a British man named Katie (White Kitty White), Scorpio, Grade three students, there is only called Charmmy Kitty cat, And has a twin sister.


Hello Kitty music earphone packing boxOn September 25, 2015, Customer firstly inquired about the our factory personnel and equipment through the phone, secondly talk about there is a group of Hello Kitty music earphone packing box need production at the moment. Because the brand high requirement for the quality of packaging and the number of boxes of some special structure, so the customer said that must be On-site factory inspection. If passed, he will communicate again for further details with us.


Soon we agreed with the customer on-site inspection on September 28. After inspection, about October 6, the customer put all design and authorization provided to us, let us arrange to the samples. We always attached great importance to ALL customers not only brand, so the qualified samples to the customer after 3 day. When the customer receives the sample, he said: "this is what they want, Once they first internal confirmation, If no problem, He will give us feedback soon.


Hello Kitty music earphone packing boxDuring this period we have always maintained communication, on November 3, the customer said this music earphone packing box can arrange production in the morning, So elated. Because it is not just pick up the order for me, but also means that the company more forward the pace of cooperation with international brands.


with the expansion of the business market continuously, production ability to continuously improve. More and more international famous brand also contact us (ShenZhen Tianya Paper Products co., LTD.) via the Internet.




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