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Company Profile


gift boxes factory teamShenzhen Tianya Paper Products Co.,Ltd is China's fastest serve handmade paper packaging box manufacturer.

Founded in September 2007, engaged in the production and sales of hand-packed boxes and related products. We have a 2200 product, 11,000 kinds of raw materials database, you can find similar products, raw materials within 30's, to meet customer demand. Companies with "high quality, high efficiency," the service concept worldwide reputation, customers across 47 industries and 61 countries and regions.


gift boxes factory partners ebay

Tianya great strength

In 2009, Tianya and international brands Ebay cooperation
In 2010, Tianya participate in the Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Fair
In 2011,  the day the formation of a strong team of foreign trade elegant
In 2011, Tianya has become Shenzhen 26th World University Games supplier
In 2012, Tianya factory expansion to 3,000 square meters
In 2013, Tianya results exceed 500 million US dollars
In 2014, Alibaba Tianya participate Hundred Regiments and the "best fighting army" Award

In 2015, results to exceed 80 million dollars!






Gift Boxes Factory Goal

Company planning
In 2016, the establishment of industrial parks Tianya!
In 2017, the output value of billions of dollars, becoming the packaging industry leader!
In 2018, come into the stock market!
In 2019, the establishment of high-end packaging production base!
By 2020, the world's largest hand-packaging manufacturer!








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Career Development
gift boxes factory Birthday

Company leaders do career planning for each employee, as we lit the lighthouse in the front row on the road of life.

Promotion space

General workers →Line monitor production supervisor director

SEOer SEO monitor SEO director

Sales Sales monitor  Sales manager





Employee life

Gift Boxes Factory Christmas partyFitness club: the company has a basketball club, badminton, table tennis club and so on, regularly held a variety of games.

Outdoor activities: the company held a few times every year the collective both tourism and extension activities to broaden our horizons and improve our team cohesion.

Festival activities: the company will be on Christmas, the Mid-Autumn festival, the lantern, dragon boat and staff birthday all kinds of party and karaoke.