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Where To Find Wine Boxes

times   2016-09-12 11:23:06
There are many kinds of wine, usually have beer, red wine, and liquor in China. According to the different types of wine, wine packaging boxes is also various.
wine packaging boxes

1. General beer packaging

The beer we refer to here is parity of beer, beer is commonly to dress up in that carton box of beer. A carton of bearing is good, can absorb a certain amount of weight. Second, carton's price is cheaper, most businesses this is preference.

If companies want to increase the sales of beer, you can consider to change the packing to improve sales, such as portable beer packaging, used to hold 4 to 6 bottles of beer, etc. So long as dares to breakthrough the traditional packaging, then anything is possible.

2. High-grade red wine packaging

Wine has always been a symbol of luxury, though the price on the market also has a lot of red wine in general. The red wine packaging on the market are generally more high-grade, whether material or design or process.

Red wine packaging general with cartons, wooden box, and leather box. Carton the price will be relatively more affordable, cheap, of course, doesn't mean don't high-grade, as long as we are able to design elegant, choose right material. red wine gift box can also be unique.

3. White wine packaging

Liquor is a popular Chinese wine, the wine of alcohol concentration is higher, is one of the easier to get drunk. Price is what the average person can afford. liquor gift boxes packaging is relatively simple, affordable.

If buy from China wine box packaging, there are many places can provide packing box. It Is Guangdong, Shenzhen center, the better the quality of the packaging and manual, transport more convenient. Zhejiang area of packaging process, is also, of course, a lot of, but the area might prefer to cheap, work is not so fine.

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