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Where Can I Get Cupcake Boxes

times   2016-09-09 14:39:30
Different packaging cupcakes solution for the different market

1. About paper and cardboard packaging

Cupcake is a kind of fast food. Some cupcakes need keep fresh, requirements packaging can provide the fresh effect, and some cupcakes is baking type, demand for preservation are not particularly high, but strictly to the requirement of transportation. Cupcakes belong to food, for packaging materials, must use environmental material to make the packaging.

2. Popular style of paper cupcake boxes on market

Style 1: cupcake bakery boxes with paper insert
cupcake bakery boxes

Style 2: unique cupcake boxes with paper insert
unique cupcake boxes

Style 5: cupcake boxes and inserts
cupcake boxes and inserts

3. Insert for the cupcake
Most of time, we need do an insert to hold the cupcakes. Just like this one:

cupcake boxes and inserts

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