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Where Can I Get Cake Boxes

times   2016-09-26 11:03:47

1.About the paper cake box

heart shaped paper boxPeople live a happy life now, in the whole life, there are always some special anniversary, such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays, graduation anniversary and so on. On this special day, we need to prepare some special souvenirs or food. Cake is the most widely used food, applied to all kinds of special occasions. Such as birthday cake, wedding cake, graduation ceremony cake, etc. And these cakes need different packing to foil the current environment. Cake box packaging has a lot of types, generally we do the cakes boxes according to the different use requirements, for example, we can make the shape of the box as the heart for the wedding cake boxes.

2. Type of the cake boxes and boards

Style 1: birthday cardboard cake boxes
cardboard cake boxes
Style 2: breakfast cake box - can bring it with you
breakfast cake box

Style 3: gift cake
gift cake box

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