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What Is Unique Gift Packaging Ideas

times   2016-09-16 14:54:20
Accustomed to seeing a variety of packaging, saw a lot of ordinary packaging, the packaging is not much interest. But when a creative package design appears, you'll still shines.
creative package design

1. handbag made by paper

gift paper boxHandbag for a lot of girls are living essential goods, inevitably and ultimately go out shopping bag. The leather or cloth material is generally more common for Handbag, mainly used to carry some raw paraphernalia. But, have you seen the gift paper box like handbag?

The picture is the paper bag, taking into account a variety of folding, the material we can only use a thin single pink card. Print design can be creative design, the handle can be used relatively strong material. Due to the thin paper, bearing the words is not so, and put some small things or practical.

2. book or box?

When the normal gift packaging box has made the visual fatigue, the idea of people thinking about whether the box to do the same imaging a book?

Picture box is not particularly seem a little? When the cassette cover up, you will not think it turned out to be a box, the box design is more beautiful, more suitable for women using design creative pattern.
gift packaging box

The box put a silk, mainly for fragile products to protect them from damage. I have to say good idea.

3. Double layers packaging box

Chocolate box ordinary people can feel more romantic heart-shaped, the market demand. But when sales of chocolate variety, consider using double-drawer box  of packaging for chocolate. Upper and lower layers are different packaging chocolate, chocolate within each layer has entrusted to distinguish.

Box design can also be used chocolate design, people think at first glance to see the packaging of chocolate, it would be more successful marketing.

Gift boxes of all kinds, mainly creativity is more important. The biggest factor to attract customers.

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