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Types Of Simple Boxes To Make

times   2016-09-22 11:20:17
In order to attract the attention of customers for packaging, all businesses trying to complex novel cartridge type and colorful design to make the product sold. But occasionally simple, simple paper box more likely to win favor.
simple paper box

Here are some simple box type:

1. Lid and base box

The easiest way of packaging is lid and based boxes, hand-simple, easy to manufacture, not binding on the packaging of products, all products are possible.

Because the production process is simple, the price relative to other cartridge type is relatively simple. World-renowned brand Hermes is a simple gift box with lid, and then combined with the color and logo of the brand packaging. It may well be the high-end atmosphere on the grade.

2. Drawer box

custom made drawer boxesBox drawers like nothing more than our usual drawer from the outer box and the inner box components. It is easy to handle on the box come out of the box.

This will be two box drawers: one pack is open on both sides; the other side is sealed on the other side of the opening. See customer preferences do.

Louis Vuitton leather belt box is a custom made drawer boxes.

3. Book shape box

book shaped box that pack closer to the nature of the book, that a sealing edge is a magnet easy cassette cover. Book shaped box box-type compared to the other may be more favored by customers.
book shaped box

In fact, a variety of box-type packaging, custom packaging according to customer requirements.

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