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Memory Box Ideas For Baby

times   2016-09-08 14:44:33
Gift memory baby keepsake box packaging for baby

1.Some interesting baby keepsakes

Each child's arrival is a great happy thing for each family, will bring endless joy to the family. Parents are the first witnesses, they want to leave the most important moments inlife with some wonderful memories. Hospitals will be weighed when a baby is born, footprints, and so on. Dressed for the first time, and sleep, parents are seeing for the first time, these beautiful moment, we want to stay as a souvenir.
We have created many different souvenir gift packages to meet these demanding requirements for parents.
Memory box

2.We recommend these Baby Keepsake set

Style 1: the house-shaped love keepsake box, you can put your newborn baby items in
Memory box

Style 2: treasure keepsake gift box, baby photos, shoes, hats can be put in
love keepsake box

Style 3: window keepsake boxes for babies, baby pictures can be put into the position of the window
window keepsake boxes

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