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How To Make Your Own Cardboard Box

times   2016-09-20 14:42:42
Customize their own brand packaging not only impressed the client, also can let their brand occupies a place in the market. So, how to custom packaging boxes printed own brand?

custom packaging boxes printed

1. Customized size

The size of the products, packing box will be different. For the custom packaging paper, to determine the size is the primary thing. So how to determine your size?

Must first determine the product size, according to the size of the products we can suggest the size. Of course, if the product variety is more, we can follow up the product size and put degree, determine the size of the roughly.

For the part with the material of product, the final size can follow up in to order.

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2. The packaging design

custom design packagingIs equivalent to the faces of the custom design packaging, the first feeling and first impressions are very important. Unique design can let customers eye bright and then stopped.

Consider adding brand of color in packaging design, product pictures or files. The main or the company's brand logo, of course, this is to let customers know you on this brand of important information.

Other design in design can also be combined with local culture.

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3. The packaging material

Good design must with good material and surface treatment, such custom design cardboard boxes would seem high-grade, atmosphere.

Material on high customer will choose the specialty paper price is higher, the touch feeling will be different. Box type tend to have hot stamping technology, hit convex, screen printing and other processes. Mainly according to the design that is more suitable.

custom design cardboard boxes
Before making packaging, these steps are necessary. , of course, the subsequent production process there will be other issues, according to specific situation.

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