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How to make t shirt packaging design

times   2016-11-02 11:54:49
  • The secret of success for selling t-shirt

One of the secret for success t-shirt selling is presentation beside the t-shirt box packaging itself; the purpose is to attract customers’ attention. And the way your package the t-shirts should provoke feelings and communicate emotions with your brand.
t shirt design

  • Brand

You know how important appearances are and how that influences the instinct to appreciate a brand. It’s not always that we make rational decision, but these next examples are actually great instances of how well-thought and complex concepts put together to showcase a design. Physically, the t-shirt and the packaging may be separate but, with the right concept to support them, they actually complement each other so elegantly.
Brand logo

  • Different packaging designs

Most of us go out for shopping; we buy things that we like. There are hundreds of companies manufacturing the same products which are displayed on same shelf’s, what distinguishes them from one another is their box designs. Most of the t shirt packaging designs we see are boring, the same square shaped boxes with names logos and generic details but kept on same shelf are some products with creative packaging designs attracting our attention.

A nice packaging design will not only add fun in the buying experience but will also add to the product’s selling competency.