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Step9:Assembling Paper Box

times   2014-12-01 15:52:00
  • glue
  • inner box

Secure the inner box to the paperboard with glue

Quality requirements:

Box body stickers or box lid stickers and back cover stickers over plastic Biaozhi white glue must be uniform, 3-8 minutes bonding;
can’t appear glue particles phenomenon;
surface can’t appear glue water stains phenomenon;
Strip Brush The sealant must be painted evenly and adhered for 5-10 minutes;
The stick must be stuck firmly.


>> Whether it is the positioning of the box body sticker or the positioning of the box cover, there must be no deviation, must be kept in the middle;

>> manual box, the box or outside the box can’t have wrinkles, blistering and so on;