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times   2014-12-01 15:55:00
Printing process, the basic process are mainly introduced in five aspects:  the original color version - the film - the plate - printing.
• The manuscript,
• four color printing machine
• print


1.   Original: we want to print the manuscript. We know that the printing is often mentioned the concept of “4C printing”, because is the color in the print by C, M, Y, K of four colors. Usually printed, we are in contact, are in accordance with the four-color overprint.

2.   Color separation is a printing professional term, refers to the original on a variety of colors into yellow, magenta, cyan, black four primary colors; in computer printing design or graphic design image software, color separation work is to The color mode of the scanned image or other source image is converted to CMYK mode. In Photoshop, the color separation operation is actually very simple: just need to image color mode from RGB mode or Lab mode to CMYK mode can be converted. So that the color of the image is represented by the toner (ink), and has four color channels. The image in the output when the film will be based on the color of the channel data generation outlets, and divided into yellow, magenta, cyan, black, four separate film.

3.   The film: film is a critical thing, just like we use photographic film is actually.4 kinds of color to the four film, four films corresponding as follows: C, M, Y, K. Films are black and white, when the printing accordingly, which color and with what kind of ink printing.

4.   Plate: film is completed, you can directly take a picture CMYK mode (printing is usually used in the bitmap image format is tif) directly to the film, and you do not have to separate each color, which is the computer to do Things, we can see in photoshop, a CMYK picture (usually we encounter the majority of the picture RGB mode, can be converted into CMYK look), in the channel panel, you can see there are four channels, respectively, said the four Color. The film is used Phototypesetter, a dedicated software, operation is relatively difficult. The film finished. Plate making is very easy to understand.

5.   Printing: Printing is divided into lithography, gravure printing, letterpress printing, screen printing and other different types, because the printing principle of the different, the color separation of the film when there will be some differences.


The color of the computer screen and the printed draft is slightly different from the final printed color, so make a reference to the percentage of the CMYK color value.

Different batches of the same document may be printed with different colors, and within 5% are normal.

Black characters do not use four colors of C: 100, M: 100, Y: 100, and K: 100, and the total value of the four colors exceeds 250%, resulting in bad print quality and bad printing.