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How to choose Perfume Gift Box

times   2016-12-15 16:46:51
One little bottle blends the fashion and elegance together, that is Perfume.

Perfume can not only highlight the aromatic modification of personal style has also led to deep to the eternal Kingdom of imagination, this is Perfume charm of the eternal.

As the importance and charm of perfume, so many women, even men are tend to buy perfume, so the Perfume gift box becoming more and more popular in the factory. Many new perfume packing design have been created and innovated, some old designs have been abandon. Perfume packing retailer and wholesaler develop fast in China.

How to make a new design in this era? Yes, we can help you to make the suitable packaging.

First,the minor change of the normal boxes will have a great effect for the packaging.

perfume packing designEven though there are just sevaral box type,but some minor change of the box cn make things become different.For example,the lid and base box is very normal,but we add a neck here,and cut the front lid.Things become different!The boring box has some new look,don’t you think the new perfume package is more charm and special the the left one?

Second,why all the boxes are rectangle or square, why everything is boring? You customers may be also boring too.

NO, NO, NO.Let we make some changes. Why not choosing the round box or heart shape boxes?
round box

They are more pretty and interesting than the rectangle boxes.

Third, also we can make add some small things to decorate the box, such as the ribbon,bow.
The ribbon makes the box look like a carefully choosing gift, also much prettier.

Also you are looking for a luxury and exclusive box. Why not choosing the gold foil pattern?
The metallic luster of gold foil can catch people’s eyes in the first time. And the outer packaging is the best adverting to show your perfume level.

gold foil exclusive box

Every kind of perfume contains an emotion, you need to express feelings, its mysteries it has charm and a smile. This is the importance of the perfume, also it is important to choose a suitable perfume packaging boxes.