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Custom cosmetic boxes, it's very nice

times   2016-12-02 19:18:30
With the development of the society, most of the people want to do the boxes is not same as the others, they want the special boxes, so, most of the company customized the cosmetic boxes, as the same time, our company customized all kind of the boxes, we do the a kind of the boxes, our main product is the beautiful cosmetic boxes

About the luxury cosmetic packaging, I want to say there point, I think you must interested in it

Firstly: about the print

Some of the people want to print the logo in the boxes, when we received the order, we will use of the AI, make the logo print in the boxes, all kind of the color we can print
cosmetics printings

Secondly: the hot gold stamp or hot another stamp in the

In order to make the logo very light, some of the customer want to hot gold foil or other color foil in the boxes, so that, the logo make beautiful, in generally, I will suggestion our customer to do it, the price is higher than the print, but it is beautiful than the print, so, some of the people will choose the hot gold foil or hot another color oil.
gift box cosmetics

The last but not least: about the insert

cosmetics insertWe do the cosmetic boxes, we put the cosmetic, so, we should make the cosmetic softly, so, we should need the insert, about the insert, we have a kind of choose, such as the EVA with the flocking and the foam with the flocking and the high foam with the flocking, so, it have the variety of the choose for you, about the insert, we will dig a hole, you can put the bottle in the hole, so, that, it can prevent the cosmetic bottle

Ok, from the above, I think you must want to buy the paper cosmetic packaging