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times   2014-11-29 11:52:00
When all the processes are done, you need to test the quality of the carton. We work very carefully

CheckingThis is the process we want to carry out quality inspection

1.    Scope: Applicable to the company's various carton packaging materials and brochures.

2.    Quality standards and testing methods:

2.1 All kinds of carton should be consistent with our samples (including the two sides confirmed the material) or design, and meet the corresponding specifications and requirements

2.2 Appearance requirements and test methods:

2.2.1 Surface: carton clear and uniform texture, no significant deformation and incomplete, no adhesion between the finished product, paste box without degumming;
Surface bubbles ≤ 0.5mm, positive ≤ 1, the negative ≤ 2, film uniform, smooth.

2.2.2 Text patterns: the requirements of the company drafts consistent with the text, graphics must be clear, correct, no missing, missing words, strokes
Incomplete situation, less than 5 words do not mistake word meaning; no obvious position shift, skew, ghosting; no obvious printing chromatic
Not allowed, blurred and other defects; Hot Stamping text and graphics do not white, do not change color, do not fall off.

2.2.3 Color: Must meet the certified standard sample, and in the cap / upper limit / standard / lower limit.

2.2.4 Cleanliness: The appearance of the finished product is clean and tidy, and no foreign matter such as color bars, spots, and dirt is contaminated. Surface color or white block ≤ 0.5mm,
Positive ≤ 1, negative ≤ 2.

2.2.5 Packing: Packaging kraft paper or other wrapping paper shall not be dirty and damaged, small box to 100 as a packing unit, packaging
On the need to affix labels, indicate the product name, quantity, production date, factory name, factory products must be attached to the factory inspection report

Appearance test methods: the main visual (part of the data with a precision to 0.1mm ruler or tape measure), adequate light environment, The normal vision, from the front of the eye is 30cm-40cm at the inspection.

2.3 function (physical and mechanical properties) requirements and testing methods:

2.3.1 Overprint error: the main parts (such as patterns, text, signs, etc.) ≤ 0.30mm, minor parts ≤ 0.80mm.
Test method: According to GB / T 7705-1987 in 3.4 requirements.

2.3.2 Barcode Testing: Barcode levels are in compliance.
Test method: bar code printing clear, correct, bar color, background color, high and left and right sides of the width of the blank area to meet the national standard
Requirements, bar code amplification factor must be in the range of 0.8-2.0, the width of the width of the requirements in the national standard, easy to identify,
Can be normal scanning, high-truncated, but must meet the standards of high-dimensional 2/3, bar code level of not less than 1.5.

2.3.3 Dimensions: Within the range of the standard values and tolerances confirmed by both parties.
Test method: with the accuracy of the ruler measurement.

2.3.4 paste solidity: life and window paste solid, no degumming phenomenon, degumming surface ≤ 20%.
Test method: carton molding, do not cover both ends of the lid, hand from the end of the box at the end of adhesive tear, adhesive surface should be 80% adhesion.

2.3.5 Light fastness: meet the provisions of yellowing.
Test method: sampling the home yellowing lights for two hours, discoloration and blank contrast, within 1m of the naked eye light sufficient time
No significant changes in the police.

2.3.6 Film fastness: Film edge does not allow upturned, other locations without bubbles.
Test method: the sample into the oven at 48°, 48 hours after the edge to see no automatic upturn phenomenon.

3, sampling and determine:

3.1 In order to batch delivery, in accordance with the GB2828.1-2003 normal inspection of a sampling program, the level of inspection for the general inspection level and the special inspection level S-3, the specific schedule.

3.2 If the qualified batch in the production found to have unqualified products, according to the unqualified situation and the relevant proportion, the demand side can request retreat
Back to the supply side or both sides to resolve, but the initiative in the demand side.

3.3 If there is a quality problem other than this standard, the standard and scope shall be discussed and discussed by the supplier and the buyer.

4, inspection rules:

4.1 Inspection items

4.1.1 Inspection classification: inspection is divided into factory inspection, the whole project inspection and type inspection of three, the factory inspection items mandatory see

4.1.2 Full project and type inspection: according to point 3 implementation.

4.1.3 New products put into operation or trial production of old products to the factory before the need to test.

4.1.4 product structure, raw materials, formulations, processes have a greater change to be tested.

4.2 Check the qualified or unqualified judgments in batches
According to the result of the sample inspection, if the number of nonconforming products found in the sample is less than or equal to the qualified number,
Is qualified batch, if found in the sample number of unqualified products greater than or equal to the number of unqualified judgment, then the batch is not qualified

4.3 Suspension and recovery of inspection:

4.3.1 Suspension of inspection:
A, the product of the same defective three consecutive failed critics.
B, the product of the same defect in a month total of 4 critically unqualified.
C, the batch of products for the second time with the same defective items failed.

4.3.2 Recovery of inspection: