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Signature Priority Banking Promotional Gift Packaging Box

times   2014-12-01 16:33:00

Although not face to face, but I believe treat customers like friends make them more determined our products.


Australia customers early send inquiry in the morning. The first impression is very detailed information, know what he want. And trust us and send his logo. When I saw the logo, I search for the company on the website depend on logo, so this is an Australian bank, and it is one of Australia's four Excellent Banks, As feedback customer gift paper box, they should high quality to the requirement . Also I am very confident to our company's product quality.


Because busy morning, After answering his questions, go to other things. You know, there are so many customers waiting for my email yet.


Australia time 8:00 am client come. It seems the customer is still very diligent.

confirmed with customer for box style, printing, and send logo embossing image.


Give customer a suggestion, customer wants a printed white logo on a black box. I confused with: White logo on a black gift box packaging, how to make the gift box looks more grade?

Fortunately, many customers have this idea before, it is recommended to do a linen embossed paper for print.


After reach agreement for packaging materials, technology, transportation and other issues, to give customers reasonable prices and transportation.


Because of the urgent time and trust, pay a deposit to get all products directly. We also help he pack his gift in the gift box packaging. When taking the pictures to the customer, he is very excited, looking forward to receiving their products.


As we are friends, he told us his preferences and even the weekend arrangements and career and so on. As we communicate as friends, no worries, no generation gap, to get along very happy. He has been to Beijing, said the next travel to Shenzhen, we are in Shenzhen.


I hope that every customer can become friends, not just to do business, have been waiting for you to become my friend.